Thursday, August 12, 2010

So many mistakes, so little time... Embracing mistakes as a beginner scrapbooker

Oopsie daisy.

I made so many mistakes on this page.  Can you tell?  Here, I'll point them out to you and show you how I covered them up... or didn't, in some cases.

First of all, I made this page for my mini-scrapbook dedicated to Bunny.  That scrapbook is tiny, like 5"x5".  So how big did I make this page?  8"x8", because duh, an 8 inch page will for sure fit into a 5 inch sleeve.  Not so much, actually.  So, now I need to make it into a 12x12 page, but that's for another day.

2nd mistake: I used a little black marker to trace the scalloped edge and I went out of the lines twice.  I'd for sure be kicked out of 1st Grade for this type of error.  But *tada*!  I covered up the mistake using a heart! 

3rd mistake: I used an edge puncher for the photo mat and have QUITE obviously not mastered the skill of making the corners match up.  I didn't fix this mistake.  I.didn'

I also went out of the lines on the bottom scalloped edge.  Let's highlight that mistake with a big yellow arrow.  Quick fix: put a flower stem close to the mistake... sorta like the "taking your eye off the ball" theory.  In law, we call that a red-herring.  (Gagging that I know what that means, and gagging that I used a legal expression on a scrapbooking blog.)

So people.  The short but sweet lesson for today: Embrace mistakes, hide mistakes, don't hide mistakes, whatever you do with them, mistakes are part of what makes paper scrapbooking unique.  I never said I was perfect.  But, if you were thinking I was, just stay in that dreamland... it's a warm, happy place... I'm there myself.

Today I'm linking up with Christine at MBC Scrapbooking!

Thanks for hosting a crafting link party, Christine!  Please link up if you have a craft or DIY project.  Don't forget to add Christine's button!!  Happy Thursday =)

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