Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best.Organizer.Ever: A beginner scrapbooker's dream.

For months I've searched for the perfect embellishment/tools/everything else organizer.  Friends, I have finally found one.  It's by Creative Options (who are not paying me to review this product, nor did they send me any swag) and it's basically a tackle box on crack. 

It's a multi-tiered self-contained box, sturdy but also light enough to carry around.

The main compartment contains three shelves which each house a smaller plastic organizer with compartments that can be altered to your needs.  Here is what the inside of each smaller orgainizer looks like...

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons...

Letters, letters, letters...

Tape, buttons, and pens. 

And on the top, there is another large compartment for miscellaneous larger items that don't fit in the smaller units. 

Love, love, love.


After much online searching, mental anguish, and overall hand-flapping, I found this little gem.  The website lists several retailers, or you can purchase online through Amazon.  But I wanted to see it for myself before making the purchase.  One day, I went wandering into Michaels (okay, so actually I drove several miles off the beaten path, on purpose) and right there in the front of the store, on the first shelf you see in the dead center, was the case.  And then (can I get an Amen?) I saw a 40% off sign.  I immediately ran over to the clerk and asked her to pinch me, I was for sure dreaming.  But nope.  I was just experiencing a rare moment of shopping bliss when you find the perfect item and IT'S ON SALE.  My debit card has never been swiped faster. 

THEN, I got to go home and dump out all my stuff all over the place and *RE-ORGANIZE* it all.  Cue angels singing and light shining down from heaven. 

This beginner scrapper has arrived!

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