Friday, August 6, 2010

Flipping-off on Friday!

Ahhhh, Friday Flip-offs.  How I've missed you... I've missed the past few weeks and it's soooo nice to be back. 

Thanks to Gigi, who recently featured me on her blog, and who is the fabulous creator of the flips.  Her blog is Kludgy Mom and I highly recommend checking it out.

Let the flipping begin:

1. To my sudden need for all things chocolate.  Where is this craving coming from?  Why can't I just crave carrots or apples?  Why does it have to be Snickers and Butterfingers?  Craving, FLIP OFF.

2. To my little chihuahua Bunny.  My darling, you are seven years old.  You have always gone to the bathroom in a litter box... why have you insisted (these past SIX months) on using the carpet as your place to do your business.  It's so NOT ladylike.  I love you, but you and your behind can FLIP OFF.

3. To the California DMV website.  Thank you for announcing that the wait was only 36 minutes on Wednesday.  I flew down there like a bat out of hell to pay my registration.  Apparently in your world, 36 minutes really equals one hour and 36 minutes.  Time to revise your "system".  FLIP OFF.

4. To the health insurance system.  I'm quite a diligent and organized person, but trying to get you to process a claim dispute which was submitted four months ago seriously makes me want to poke my eyes out with a dull pencil.  Enough already.  I pay you, you pay the doctor.  That's how it works.  And in the meantime, FLIP OFF.

Now it's your turn to link up! And have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

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