Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making the Magic Happen - A Not-So-Significant Peek into this Beginner Scrapbooker's World

As I was stumbling through the black hole that is the blogosphere (see, I'm being productive at work!), I found  Shimelle lives in London and has a huge following.  She posts about a variety of subjects... and *woohoo* has TONS of great info on scrapbooking, blogging, and even a class called "Blogging for Scrapbookers".  (The class was actually held in November, but the lessons and info are still available to download and you can work at your own pace... so check it out if it sounds like it could be helpful for you, too.)

Being a new blogger, a new scrapper, and so grateful for any assistance along the way, I signed up for the class.  My intentions for taking this class are to create the very best blog I can and to constructively help other new scrapbookers.  Oh, and because I'm addicted to scrapbooking... Yes friends, I dream, eat, sleep, everything scrapbooking.  Is it strange that during holidays or special events, I'm daydreaming about the scrapbook page I'll be able to create for that event???  Matthew thinks I'm crazy; I think Matthew is right... Bunny loves that I scrapbook because she can take loooooong naps next to me while I'm gluing and snipping away.

Also, I'm hoping to blend scrapbooking tips with funny snippets about the actual photos in the scrapbooking page.  I welcome any and all comments... whether they be about my blog, my scrapbooking pages, or if you just want to tell me that I'm awesome.

And here is where the magic happens... on the couch, with a tray on my lap, and stackable tupperware filled with embellishments spread out everywhere.  Usually Matthew is on the couch watching Formula 1 racing and Bunny is curled up and snoring.  Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have my scrapbooking buddy, Miss Hannah, on the couch next me creating beeeeeeeautiful pages of her own.  

This is my *first* scrapbook.  And honestly, I've already had to buy extra page protectors and binder extensions.  It is literally bursting at the seams... somewhat like my True Religions after a nice Mexican meal and two (okay, three) margaritas.

So readers, where does YOUR magic happen?  Where is your favorite place to scrapbook?

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