Friday, June 11, 2010

Flip Off!

First and foremost, THANK YOU to Gigi at kludgymom for creating Friday Flip Off... this is my first one and I must say, I can already feel the therapeutic effects.  Check out her blog to follow along!

To that muscle on my back between my shoulder blades:  Why have you been sooooo sore lately?  What did I do to deserve FOUR days of pain and interrupted sleep?  FLIP OFF!

To that guy who cut me off, then gave ME the finger (and other obscene gestures):  Really, dude?  You're a grown man.  You're disgusting.  The nerve of people who drive like idiots, then have the audacity to behave as though it was my fault!  FLIP OFF!

To the skin on my face: Where are all these zits coming from?  We are not in highschool anymore, so please, no more breakouts... FLIP OFF!

And for all you regular Kreate by KeKe readers.... here is a little scrapbooking snippet.  The absolute BEST place to buy inexpensive crafting supplies is  I'm not endorsed by them, but I know they are awesome because I was recently at the Scrapbook Expo in San Diego and they had a huge booth... Most of their items are $1.50-$5.00.  I'M NOT KIDDING.  I gave myself a $100 budget at the expo and spent the majority of that money at the Scrapbuck booth... Just imagine all the goodies I got!!!  And they don't skimp on quality either.  Happy Friday!

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