Saturday, May 29, 2010


As I stated in my previous post, in the beginning I was focused on "events". Another thing I really wanted to do was create two 12 x 12 adjacent pages for each event. HUGE MISTAKE. I think most novice scrappers would agree that one of the biggest challenges is creating unique layouts for each new page. Combine that challenge with having to create two unique layouts that coordinate with each other and flow well, and you end up with a major headache.

Novice tip: scrapbooking is about relieving headaches, not causing them! :~)

Below are my layouts for Christmas Eve.
What I did right:
1. Use black and white with a splash of a bright color (red) for "popping" contrast.
2. Coordinate the "pop" color (red again; see you're getting it!) with the clothes in the photos.

What I could have done differently:
1. The black and white patters are too similar to really give a harmonious quality to the pages. As Elizabeth Kartchner teaches in 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges, when pairing patterns, choose one with large print and one with smaller print. (Follow her inspiring blog "Dear Lizzy" at

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