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Embellishments are Everywhere

A few years ago, I was having a wonderful time making jewelry.  So I have tons of odds-and-ends supplies left over.  For my Christmas Eve pages, I found some old silver jewels that complimented my journaling border.  Using glue dots, I stuck them to the journal border and voila!  Instant embellishment!

Let's Have a Picnik

For the most fabulous, and I mean majorly fabulous, photo editing, go to  Most of the features are free, but for about $4 a month, you can have all the premium features, too.  The coolest part is that it hooks right up to most major online photo sites, grabs em, and allows you to edit without doing all sorts of right-clicking and pasting.  For those of us who are not-so-bright on PhotoShop techniques, this site is PERFECT.  It even allows you to remove unwanted things from the background, and add nifty stickers and text.  See before and after:

Sooooo cool, huh?

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  1. Loooove the whimsical butterflies and tulips on the edited picture.


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