Friday, May 28, 2010

In the beginning there were... STRIPES!

When I started scrapbooking in October 2009, I was very focused on making pages for "events" (i.e. Halloween, Christmas, etc.). And so naturally, my first page was a Halloween page. To get started, I highly recommend purchasing a kit... I bought a great one at Michael's, which included a 12 x 12 bound book with page protectors, several pages of coordinating paper, and some embellishments for flair. The cool thing about kits is that everything is pre-picked to match, which is especially helpful for new scrappers.

Novice tip: Here are some essentials when starting out.
1) Scrapbooking kit
2) Paper and photo trimmer (I love the one made by Fiskars --- ideal for cutting straight lines in one "whoosh" of the blade.)
3) Glue dots (These things are awesome: they come on a roll and can be used to mount photos, as well as embellishments. Careful though, once you put them on, they are there for good!)
4) Black pen for journaling
Total cost: approximately $50

When picking out a kit, choose one that is versatile and feels like "you". There are tons of options available for seasons, events, etc. and it can be a bit overwhelming. But as this novice learned, in the beginning, your first book should and will be about learning, trial and error, and finding techniques that YOU will have the most fun with.

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