Thursday, May 27, 2010

Custom Cards

How great is it that ALL those scrapbooking supplies can double-duty as card making supplies?! A few weekends ago we had a combo brunch for graduation and Mother's Day. In my opinion, simplified beautiful cards are so much more fun to give (and receive) than those cards from the grocery store that are chalk-full of gooey-ness. So here are my first two attempts at "oh-so-personalized" custom cards using my "oh-so-wonderful" novice craft supplies:

For added dimension, use that squishy tape or foam dots. And buttons make wonderful centers for little tiny paper flowers. (Novice tip: to make really cute tiny butterflies, fold paper in half first, just like when you were a little kid making cut-out hearts.)
For more awesome tips on cardmaking and some great product suggestions, check out Betsy Veldman's blog:

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