Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memories by Christine - A Fabulous Guest Post on Creating Calendar Layouts!

I want to introduce you all the Christine.  She writes a fabulous blog called Memories by Christine that talks all about....drumroll please..... SCRAPBOOKING!  I am so inspired by her creativity and she graciously offered to do a guest post.  So without further ado, take it away Christine!

Hi everyone! I'm Christine, your guest blogger for today:) My blog is Memories by Christine, and it features scrapbooking tutorials, page ideas, and my artfire studio(similar to Etsy) of custom albums and more! I'd love for you to stop by:)

Kendra asked me to do a calendar page tutorial for you today. Here, I'm using an 8x8 page. You can use this alone in a small 8x8 album, or add it to a larger and embellished 12x12 album with more room for photos.

Start by placing the 8th inch line of your ruler at the bottom edge, and make a small pencil dot at each inch. This is for the 7 days of the week.

Unfortunately for type A people like me;), an 8x8 page isn't exactly 8x8. You'll have some extra centimeters there. That's okay! Your last (and 8th) section will be a little larger. Repeat all of these measurements and markings at the top of the paper, then line up your ruler to make columns.

You'll have this now- see how the larger portion goes at the top. This will be where the month lettering will go.

Each calendar month is different regarding the amount of weeks. I'm doing 5 weeks here, so use those math skills. Approximately 8.5 inches divided by 5 is...1.7 inches per week. Measure those out and pencil mark them on both ends of your page.

Connect your measure marks and you'll have something like this:

Turn the page sideways, label, and embellish as you see fit:) You can use just the 8x8 for a smaller album, or add this to a larger 12x12 page like I did here.

For another look, I cut up a white 12x12 page into 2x2 squares and arranged them on a patterned 12x12 for a quilt effect.

More examples of my calendar pages are here. Thanks for reading and happy scrapbooking:) Thank you, Kendra, for letting me be your guest blogger today!

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