Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Puffy tape: Dimensional delight for beginner scrapbookers.

Hello, hello, hello.  It's only 10:15 a.m.... is it lunch time yet?  No, I guess it isn't.  So, I guess I'll do the next best thing besides eat an early lunch:  I'll blog about puffy tape.  Yum!

Puffy tape (aka "Mounting Tape" by Scotch... I call it puffy because it's more fun to say) is incredibly easy to use.  It's double-side sticky and comes like a regular ol' tape roll, but one of the sticky sides is covered, making it easy to first stick the tape on the backside of paper or photos and then decide where you want it, prior to adhering. 

Puffy tape earns fabulosity status because it adds such great dimension.  Also, keep in mind that it can be double- or triple-stacked on top of itself to give it a bit more height.  On these clouds, I did just that... one strip of tape on a couple clouds and then two strips of tape on a couple other clouds -- so they stagger nicely without touching.  (I wish I could take some credit for the clouds being hounds-tooth rather than just plain blue, but guess what?  I didn't have any plain blue paper, so I improvised... and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.)

I also used some puffy tape on a few of the sunshine rays to give it that "sun breaking through the clouds" effect, which Matthew loved, btw.  Oh, and another btw is that on Sunday I was scrapbooking while he was watching Formula 1 racing (and, yes, we were both indulging in a Bloody Mary) and he made a suggestion on the layout that I was doing... then he said OUT LOUD, "I am so good at scrapbooking!"  Where, oh where, is that hidden camera when I need it most?

These clouds were made using a large flower stencil, and I then cut the flower (but not totally perfectly in half), in order to make the clouds different sizes.

I will admit to the vanity that is apparent from having a layout featuring this many pictures of moi, but hey, I had to try out the new iPhone camera --- especially the reverse lens feature... and the sky happened to be beeeeautiful blue that day... and Matthew was surfing... so KeKe started taking pictures.

What's a girl to do?

It's now 10:57 a.m.  My stomach has officially won.  It's lunch time. 

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