Monday, July 19, 2010

Just pleat it, pleat it. No one wants to be defeated, so pleat it! (MJ lyrics coordinate with blog titles for scrapbooking.)

I have two syllables for you: mini-golf.  Shit that was three syllables.  But it was two words so I got half of it right.  I soooo wanted to start out this post with a clever statement.  But FYI it's Monday.  I love my job but I've been hung up on six times already today, which incidentally zaps a bit of my oh-so-precious-never-underappreciated Monday brainpower.  So you get a half-wit today.  Lucky you.

Moving on. 

Matthews (I love that man... he's such a good dad) and I took Hannah mini-golfing a few months back and she was a natural.  Seriously.  I think mini-golf is sorely underappreciated (unlike the Monday brainpower) as a wholesome, somewhat cheap, activity for a nice, sunny day.  Just make sure to wash your hands like EIGHT times afterwards.  Lord knows whose grubby hands have held those clubs before you. 

And when you're done, you can make a scrapbook page about it.  I'm full of ideas today!  Brilliant ones, too.  

Pleats are a cool way to separate things on a page.  On this page, rather than doing a typical photo border, I extended the paper waaaaaaay down so that I'd have room for journaling.  Then I cut a strip of paper and folded it accordion style back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.... got it?  Here's the trick: don't double the paper back on itself evenly, otherwise you'll be left with a square (and what you want is a long strip).   Use your glue dot roller to keep those pleats under control (aka flat).  For some extra loveliness, I sewed over the top of the pleats.  (OMG. Yes. Sewed.... and almost took my thumb off in the process.)

Trace Tee-Time title using stencils...

add some flower power...

enlarge the balls using Picnik... (the golf balls, nasty minds)

insert stripes for fabulousness -- and to compliment the ever-present argyle...

and now pat yourself on the back, or pat someone else's back, or pat someone else's behind - if you're so inclined.  Promise me you'll never take up real golf.  Scrapbooking is a much more dangerous sport, anyway. 

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