Friday, July 16, 2010

I love churros. I hate measuring. Asymmetry is the new black.

Mmmm... love this picture.  It's a DECADE old.  Yes my friends, a decade.  Holy.cow.I'm.getting.old.  This photo was taken on a cruise ship that my family took in November 2000.  Aren't we cute kids!

Today let's focus on the funky photo frame.  It's asymmetrical, doesn't border the whole picture, and uses two different patterns. 

The black paper portion of the border actually came from a regular 12x12 piece.  I used my delicious dexterity skills to snip out the pattern.  The back of the same paper was striped.  FYI: I LOVE paper that is double sided (ok, duh... all paper is double-sided... I love paper that has patterns or colors on both sides).  The main reason I love it is because the designers typically coordinate the two sides so that they match and coordinate.  THANK you designers.  You are a beginner scrapper's BFF.

Now please also notice that the paper is striped, but I used the stripes in a different orientation... on the top border the stripes are vertical and on the bottom border, they are diagonal.  Get frisky with your Fiskars and just turn the paper a quarter-turn (prior to trimming) to achieve this effect.

Next please notice that on the top part of the border, the black curly-q's are indented about 1/2 inch from the edge, but on the bottom border, the curly-q's are flush with the edge. 

With funky frames such as this one, nothing has to match or be measured perfectly.  By now it's apparent how much I hate measuring things anyway. =)

Here are a few more pics of this page... for your viewing pleasure... and because my iPhone4 takes such killer pictures.  Yes, these pics were taken from a phone.  Yahoooo!

Fabulous flowers!

An off-center snippet.

Photo slipped beneath page (use an Xacto knife)
with "snippet" frame overlapping for depth.

 By the way.  Today I want to announce how much I like churros.  I just had one from Rubio's for dessert and ordering one might just be the best decision I make all day.  Tasty treat.

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