Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where's KeKe?

What could be better than blogging? 
What could be better than scrapbooking?
What could be better than blogging about scrapbooking?

I'll give you four choices:
a) Endless chips and salsa
b) 75 and sunny
c) Getting a job where you get paid to blog, binge on social media, and teach people
d) All of the above

I will save you from the suspense.  The answer is D.  The reality is C.

What the "h" "e" double-hockey stick does that mean?

Friends, I have gotten my dream job with a website/blog-design/graphic-guru/social-media company.  The good news: KeKe might just be the happiest camper in the western blogosphere.  The bad news: blogging posts will be much less frequent. be continued...

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