Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you wanna hear something really sad?

I have not scrapbooked for over two weeks.  I'm past the withdrawal stage and now I'm just numb.  I still dream of patterned paper, satin ribbons, and piles of buttons.  But my fingertips no longer contain the remnants of glue dots and the floor beneath my feet no longer has scraps of paper upon it.

Why haven't I scrapbooked for over two weeks?

I'm not really sure... I think scrapbooking was filling a void over the past several months.  That void was not feeling satisfied with my job, not feeling like I had a "creative" outlet at work.  Now?  I create all day long every day.  My brain is overflowing with thoughts, challenges, and ideas.  It's a bittersweet feeling.  I love scrapbooking.... but I love my job, too.  And it's very satisfying to know that this brain (big brain) is tapped out at the end of the day now.  Joy and sorrow, all wrapped up in one.

But.... a glimmer of light....

My patterned paper will wait for me.  My Fiskars paper trimmer will stay sharp.  My button collection will remain abundant.  And my love for all things scrapbooking will NEVER go away.  Maybe my scrapbook brain is just taking a nap for a little while.... sleep tight Kreate by KeKe brain.... WAKE up Ebsi Websites KeKe.

Here are a few favorites of the past year.

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