Monday, June 28, 2010

Accolades for Argyle - Scrapbook Pages that Dress to Impress

Mommy Marsha is going to be soooo proud of how serious her two boys are when getting their photo taken! =)

Here's a fantastic way to make pages personal and particularly memorable.  Think about a page you want to make to highlight a person... Perhaps for their birthday.  Now think about that person's favorite color or something they like to wear.  Now walk, waddle, rollerskate, or drive to your nearest craft store and pick out some unique paper. 

I did a two page spread to highlight two birthday parties for two fantastic brothers.  Guess what?  They both love argyle.  Ben, the older brother, loves argyle sweaters.  Matt, the younger brother, loves argyle socks.  Both of these men rock argyle like nobody's business.  They wear it loud, they wear it proud.  So young grasshopper, what would be the perfect paper for these men?  You guessed it.  ARGYLE.  And guess what else, they both said, "Hey, argyle paper!" when they checked out this layout.  Duh boys.  Major duh.  (But secretly, I was *very tickled* that they noticed.)

Tomorrow, check out more tips for these layouts... including my first attempt with stamps (yikes!) and how to turn a rectangle, button, and glue dot into a cute tag for journaling.

Beginner scrapbooking tip: The more pages you make, the more it'll seem like time just sorta blends together.... so make sure to write the date and year somewhere on your page.  In 50 years, you'll be glad you did!

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